Bayan Videos

1. Syedna Qutbuddin Maulatana Fatema Shahadat Bayaan, Indore, 1411H

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin Aqa (TUS) has graciously given raza for his bayaan mubarak recording to be played on this mubarak occasion of the Shahadat of Moulatuna Fatema (SA).

Mumineen muminaat and children listening to the bayaan mubarak should observe the following adab (etiquette):

1. Gather your family members on the auspicious day and listen to the bayaan together, as we do in majlis.
2. Our deeni libas (clothes) should be worn when sitting down to listen to the bayaan.
3. Everyone should sit on the floor (not, for example, on a sofa/chair or a bed), unless required to do so for health reasons.
4. No one should rest their back (just as we do not do so in waaz in masjid), except due to health reasons.
5. Everyone in the room should be focused on listening to the bayaan. There should not be any disturbances. Mobile phones and other distractions should be kept aside. People should not talk to each other during bayaan. There should be no eating and drinking.
6. The bayaan should not be paused in-between to attend to other matters unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, such as in an emergency. Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) once said that listening to bayaan is no lesser than being in namaaz, and that if one leaves the bayaan in-between, it is as if they have broken their namaz.
7. The bayaan should only be listened to by mumineen, and not by anyone outside of the Dawoodi Bohra Community.

2. Bayaan in First Misaq Majlis by Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS 4th Rabiul Akhar 1435H

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3. Syedna Qutbuddin Bayaan 25 Rabiul Awwal: Message of Doa and Himmat, Announcement of First Misaaq

4. Syedna Qutbuddin Sadaqalla 17 Rabiul Awwal: Khatmul Quran majlis

5. Bayan delivered by Syedna Qutbuddin TUS on 17th Rabiul Awwal 1435H

An official video statement was issued by Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS, the 53rd Dai al-Mutlaq, following the wafaat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. The statement was delivered during the early hours of 17 Rabi al-awwal 1435H, in Thane, Mumbai. This is an edited selection of the bayan.
Download the transcript in Dawat ni Zaban of the above video (Bayan delivered by Syedna Qutbuddin TUS on 17th Rabiul Awwal 1435H).