Letter to Shehzadas

This is a scanned copy of the letter sent by Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS to Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb informing him about Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA’s nass on him, Syedna Qutbuddin, and inviting Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb to respond to his Dawat.

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English Translation
Lisan ud-Dawat transliteration available below

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

With salaam and greetings to al-Sayyid al-Ajall Shehzada (=honorific epithets) Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin, may God preserve him.

This Friday morning, the Da’i—sanctified in the highest of heights, chosen one of Amir ul Mumineen—Syedna Abu’l Qa’id Jawhar Mohammad Burhanuddin, has departed from the mortal realm to the presence of the Imam of this Age. May God elevate his position in the highest of heights. May He reward him with the best reward, on our behalf, and on behalf of the Rightly Guiding Da’wat and the Prophet’s pure family. May God rejoin him with the Complete, the convergence of all pieces. May He grant us his intercession. May He place us with him in the afterlife, in the shade of the Imam of the devout. May God grant us fortitude in this most grievous of hardships, following the example of our Pure Masters.

And then:

When Muqaddas Moula Burhanuddin Aqa appointed me by his beneficence to the high position of Mazoon, on Friday, the 17th of Sha’aban Al-Karim, 1385 Hijri, he also bestowed Nass (=appointment of successor) upon me in private, saying that after him, I, his brother, would come to his exalted position in serving the Dawat. Further, he said that if everyone were to attempt to do ‘sajda’ [bowing down in prostration for respect] to me that I should let them.  He informed me that there will come a day when the reason for this will be revealed. He also remarked that he would now be able to sleep without worry. After that moment, from time to time, he would continue to tell me of the chain of Dais, mentioning my place in that chain. All of this I proclaim, swearing an oath by God. I call upon God’s elect and Imam of this Age, on Syedna Taher Saifuddin and Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin, to bear witness to my declaration.

My revered father al-Muqaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin (May God be pleased with him), graced me with unique attention, and spoke to me of portents and signs that showed that I would be graced with this service of Dawat after Burhanuddin Moula (May God be pleased with him). Syedna Taher Saifuddin had also made Burhanuddin Moula aware of this secret, and this is why, after Syedna Taher Saifuddin passed away, when Burhanuddin Moula appointed me to the rank (rutba) of Mazoon, he said “I appoint you, brother, to the same rank (rutba) that I held,” and he addressed me as “beloved son” three times before saying my name. This was one of many instances in which, with his wisdom, he signalled his [Nass upon me].

Before Maulana Burhanuddin appointed me publicly to the rank of Mazoon, just before he left home to deliver the wa’az sermon, he summoned me to his private room in Saify Mahal, and told me he was going to [appoint me Mazoon], and he said also that I would be Dai after him. At that time, he placed a ring upon my finger, explaining that “This ring was my revered father’s, and he gifted it to me, placing it upon my finger, when he appointed me to this rank. And I used to wear it, and as I appoint you, brother, to this rank, I gift you this ring to wear.” There are many similar instances of generosity by both Granters of Blessings, the 51st Da’i and the 52nd Da’i.

Moulana Taher Saifuddin (May God be pleased with him), in his epistle (risalat), “Mashrabat-o Tasneem-e Noor,” of 1363H [1944], explained (as he also did in his ‘sabaq’ classes), that when one Da’i bestows Nass (appointment of successor) on another Da’i, it can be done in private. Most people know about what a public Nass is. But a Nass can also be conferred in private, when the mansoos (=appointed successor) is the only one to know, without a single other witness being present, and without the Nass being made known to his followers. In the aforementioned epistle, [Syedna Taher Saifuddin] detailed the Nass pronounced by the Seventh Da’i, Syedna Ahmad bin Mubarak, on the eighth Da’i, Syedna Husain bin Ali bin Mohammad bin al-Waleed, who only revealed to members of the community the Nass conferred upon him after his predecessor had passed away. And Moulana Taher Saifuddin (May God be pleased with him) spoke about [the doctrine regarding] the Nass to me many times in private, and made clear that when [a Da'i] does Nass, by the spiritual directive (ilhaam) of the Imam of the Age, that Nass is valid forever. If anyone were to suggest that a Da’i could have performed Nass once and then changed it, then that understanding of Nass is wrong because it would associate the incorrect choice [of a successor] with the Imam of the Age, and imply that his spiritual directive is fallible – which is impossible. I will say again, there are many such pieces of evidence all confirming [me as] the 53rd Da’i in the chain of the true Dais of the Rightly Guided Dawat. The truth is the truth. “Let one who believes believe and one who rejects reject” (Quran, al-Kahf 29), “And say: “Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished; Indeed, falsehood must inevitably perish” (Quran al-Isra’ 81).

Now, after the demise of Moulana l-Muqaddas, the 52nd Da’i, I am the 53rd Da’i, in the chain of revered Dais, in the Concealed [Imam’s] Dawat. My revered father named me “Khuzaima” and graced me with the title “Qutbuddin,” explaining that “By the spiritual directive (ilhaam) of God and the spiritual directive of His Elect, the Imam of the Age, God’s most noble trustee, I have honoured my noble son Khuzaima, a shining star in the sky of virtue, with ‘haddiyyat’ (=shaikh); and I have given him the title of Qutbuddin, bestowing upon him the nobility of that auspicious title.”

At that time, he also granted me the signature-line (‘alaamat) “And every bounty which you receive is from Allah,” which is the 53rd verse of Surat an-Nahl.

In 1380H, my revered father Muqaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin sent me to Udaipur to conduct Ashara wa’az sermons, my first time doing so. I was in Udaipur when I received a handwritten letter from Syedna Taher Saifuddin; a letter about which Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin instructed me, “Brother, treasure and preserve this letter.” In this letter, [Syedna Taher Saifuddin] wrote many things, which reveal his special attention (nazar) toward me [as the future 53rd Dai]. He wrote that I had been aided in my wa’az sermons by the Imam’s flow of inspiration (ta’eed). This is the actual Arabic text [translated as follows:] “You delivered sermons in Muharram in the first flush of youth, with God’s aid and a flowing stream of inspiration (ta’eed) from his chosen one, the Imam of the Age; and you performed outstandingly. May God, his Imam of the Age and his Dai accept your service.”

Two years ago in London, our Muqaddas Moula Burhanuddin Aqa became very ill. The arrangements that were constructed from that point on [referring to the so-called “Nass” on Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb] leave much room for doubt. “And doubt can never overthrow conviction” [from Qadi l-Numan’s Da'aim ul Islam].

“As for me, I have complete conviction of victory coming from the All-Powerful God”

I write with the conviction that I am with Truth, that I am the 53rd Da’i. If there is anyone who wishes to put forward a different claim, I am ready to debate with him and conduct with him a ‘mubahala’ [standing in front of God and beseeching God to send his wrath on the one who is wrong]. “And God is our witness to all we say” (Quran Yusuf 66, Qasas 28).

As the events of the past two years unfolded, I stayed true to the responsibility entrusted to me by Moulana Muqaddas Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (May God be pleased with him). After his demise (May God be pleased with him), I now reveal these facts, in the same way that Syedna Hussain bin Ali did in Yemen.

As the 53rd Dai, it is my duty and my right to lead the prayers over the auspicious Janazah of our Muqaddas Moula Burhanuddin (May God be pleased with him), to conduct his burial, and preside over the assembly of Quran Recition for him. My hope is that you will accept this, and not prevent me from the honour of performing this service [for him]. Rather, I hope that you will inform me by telephone or other means that you want me to conduct the funeral rites.

My esteemed brother, I relate these events to you and hope that you will take these truths to heart.

The servant of the progeny of Muhammad the pure the good,

Khuzaima Qutbuddin

Son of the Da’i who is alive and sanctified in the highest of heights, Syedna Taher Saifuddin (may God be pleased with him), and one who has been honoured by his Moula [Syedna Burhanuddin RA] with the service of the Imam of the Devout

Lisan ud-Dawat Transliteration

Ba’da afdali s-salaam ma’a t-tahiyyati wa-l-ikraam ila s-sayyidi l-ajall Shehzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin abqahu llahu taala

Al-Da’I l-muqaddas fi a’la ‘illiyyin Safiyyi Amir il mumineen Sayyidna wa Maulana Abu l-Qa’id Jawhar Mohammad Burhanuddin aaje fajere yawm ul jumoa aalam-I faani si rihlat farmawi ne Imam uz zamaan nin hazrat ma sidhari gaya chhe. A’la llahu maqamahu fi a’la ‘illiyyeen wajzihi ‘anna wa ‘an da’wat il haqqi wa ‘an ahle bayte Mohammadin il athaari afdala l-jazaa, wa alhiqhu bilkulli l-lazi huwa majma’u l-ajzaa’, warzuqna shafa’atahu wahshurna ma’ahu fi zumrati Imam il muttaqeen.

Khuda taala apne sagla ne Mawali Tahereen ni iqtida karta huwa aa ‘uzma l-masa’ib par sabr-I jameel ‘ataa karjo.

Amma ba’d

Maulana l-Muqaddas Burhanuddin Aqa yeh jivare mane bi-mannihi wa-karamihi izn na rutba aaliya ma qa’im farmaya, yawm ul jumoa 17mi Shabaan al-Kareem 1385H, yej mawqi’ ma khaangi ma maara upar nass karta huwa mane farmayu ke maara ba’d Bhai Dawat na rutba ma aawine aa Dawat ni khidmat karso, ane em bhi farmayu ke sagla Bhai ne sajdo dese yeh karwa dejo. Yeh amar je din zahir thaase te din. Aney em bhi farmayu ke havey maney chen si neend aawse. Ane aa silsilat ud duaat ni zikar waqtan fa-waqtan mukarrar mane farmawi, ane ehsaan karine ehma maara manzilat ni zikar farmawi. Aa mein Khuda na qasam khaai ne, ane waliullah Imam uz zamaan ane Syedna Taher Saifuddin ane Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin ne shaahid raakhine kahu chhu

Bawajisaheb al-Muqaddas fi a’la ‘illiyyin Syedna Taher Saifuddin ridwan ulllahi ‘alayhi ni je nazaraat hati, aney je bishaarat aney ishaarat hata ke Dawat ni khidmat maney naseeb thaase Burhanuddin Maula na pachhi, ye sar par Burhanuddin Mawla ne to aagah kidha tha, te sij Bawajisaheb na wafaat pachhi izan na rutba ma maney qa’im farmaya, ane qa’im karti waqt em farmayu ke mein je rutba ma hato ye rutba ma Bhai ne qa’im karu chhu, aney hikmat si teen waar “al-walad ul ahabb: kahi ne maru naam lidhu, aney ye misal si ghana bija hikmat si amal farmaya.

Izan na rutba ma Mawlana ye qa’im kidha te peshtar wa’az ma tashreef lai jaati waqt Saifee Mahal ma aapna ghurfat ma yaad farmawi-ne  farmayu ke mein aa amal karnar chhu aney aapna ba’da Dawat ni khidmat karwani maney zikar farmawi, te waqt anguthi maney pehnawi, em farmawi-ne ke anguthi Bawajisaheb ni chhe, aney Bawajisaheb ye maney aa rutba maa qa’im kidha, tivare maney pehnavi, aney mein ye anguthi pehento tho aney Bhai ne aa rutba ma qa’im karu chhu to aa anguthi pehnawu chhu. Aa misal beve wali-yun-nimat 51ma Dai and 52ma Dai ni navazishaat ni biji ghani zikaro chhe.

Mawlana Taher Saifuddin Ridwanu llahi ‘alayhi 1363 H ni Risalat Sharifa Mashrabat Tasneem Noor ma zikr farmawi chhe, ke je sabaqo ma bhi zikar farmawi chhe, ke ek bija Dai par nass kare, ye sirran bhi hoi jahran nass ni sagla jaanta hoi chhe, magar sirran bhi nass kare, je mansoos chhe ej jaane chhe ye bhed ne, ehna siwa bija koi shaahid natthi aney mumineen ne bhi zahir nathi kidhu. Risalat Sharifa ma farmawe chhe ke jem Yaman ma saatma Da’i Syedna Ahmad bin al-Mubarak ye aathma Dai Syedna l-Husain bin Syedna Ali bin Mohammad bin al-Waleed par nass kidhi thi, aney aapye aapna naass wafaat thaya te ba’d ye waat ne mumineen na darmiyan zahir kidhi.

Aney Maulana Taher Saifuddin Ridwanu llahi ‘alayhi ye nass na bara ma maney je tasavvurat ataa kidhi chhe ghani waar khalwat ma, ehma aa waat bhi waazih kidhi chhe, ke Imam uz zamaan na ilhaam si Dai nass karey to ye hamesha waste saabit chhe, ye nass ilhaam si kidhi chhe, agar koi em bhi kahe ke ek waar kidhi to su thayu, pachhi badly naakhi, to ye tasavvur saheeh natthi, kemke aa ghalat waat karwasi Imam uz zamaan na taraf si ye mansoob thai chhe ke ilhaam ma faraq pari gayo, ye waat muhaal chhe,

Mukarrar ek satar likhu chhu, ke a misal biji ghani daleel chhe, ke je aa haqq nidawat ma duaat ul haqq na tasalsul ma teppanma (53rd) Dai na maqaam ne saabit karey chhe.

Haqq to haqq chhe. Faman shaa’a fal-yu’min wa-man shaa’a fal-yakfur.   Wa qul jaa’a l-haqqo wa-zahaqa l-baatil inna l-baatila kaana zahooqa.

Maulana l-Muqaddas baawanma (52nd) Dai na wafaat pachhi, havey dawat us satr ma duaat kiraam na silsila ma teppanmo (53rd) Dai mein chhu, maru naam Bawajisaheb ye Khuzaima raakhu aney laqab Qutbuddin aapu, em farmawi-ne ke “wa-sharraftu l-walad al-agharr al-lazi huwa l-kawkabu l-durri fi sama’i l-fadli l-mubeen, bi-ilhaam allah wa-ilhaami waliyyihi l-lazi huwa ameenu man fi s-samaa’I akrim bihi min ameen, Khuzaima , bi-sharafi l-haddiyyati wa-laqqabtuhu be-Qutbiddeentakreeman lahu bi-karamati l-laqabi l-mubaraki l-yameen.

Aney te waqt maney ‘alaamat ‘inaayat farmawi “wa-ma bikum min ni’matin fa-mina l-llah” je 53mi aayat chhe Surat un Nahl ma

Muqaddas Bawajisaheb Syedna Taher Saifuddin ye mane 1380H na sann ma pehli waqat Udaipur Ashara Mubaraka ni khidmat ma mokla, aney mein wahan Udaipur ma hato, tiware aapna haath Mubarak si misaal likhi farmaya chhe, je Maulana Buranuddin ye mane farmayu thu aa misaal ne dekhi ne ke “Bhai aa misaal ne zakhiro karine raakhjo”, ye misal Bawajisaheb ye ghani zikaro farmawi chhe, aney aapni su nazar hati aa farzand par, ye bhed kholi ne bataya chhe, take em likhi farmayu chhe, ke tamey wa’az kidhi ye Imam uz zamaan ni ta’eed ni sawari si wa’az kidhi, aa ‘arabi na jumla chhe “iz qad ‘aqadta bi-‘awni llahi uw-sarayani sawari ta’eedi waliyyihi ‘alayhi s-slaam fi ‘unfuwaani shabaabika majaalisa l-‘azaa’I fi l-‘Asharati l-Mubarakati ua-ba’da zalika fa-ahsanta, taqabbala allahu minka wa-waliyyuhu salaamu llahi ‘alayhi wa-da’ihi qaboolan hasanan.

Aney qabla sanatayn Mawlana l-Muqaddas Burhanuddin Aqa ne London ma mizaaj Mubarak par girani thai gai aney te ba’d je sagli shakilato qa’im karwa ma aawi ye shakk ni jagah chhe, wa-sh-shakku la yanqudu l-yaqeen.

Amma ana fa’ala yaqeenin kamilin –  bi-n-nasri min ‘indi l-ilahi l-qadiri

Mein ‘ala yaqeen chhu ke mein haqq par chhu, teppanmo (53rd) Dai mein chhu, aney ehna siwa koi biju iddi’a kartu hoi ehna saathe mein munazarat ane mubahalat karwane tayyar chhu. Wa-llahu ‘ala ma naqoolo wake.

Je waqt aa shakilato thaati rahi, mein Mawlana l-Muqaddas Burhanuddin Aqa Ridwaanu l-lahi ‘alayhi na irshaad mubarak ni amaanat ne jaalwi, aney ba’da wafaatihi Ridwaanu l-lahi ‘alayhi aa waat zahir karu chhu, kama zahara Mawlana l-Husayn ibn ‘Ali fi l-Yaman

Teppanma (53ma) Dai ni haysiyyat si mara upar waajb chhe aney maaro haqq chhe ke  Mawlana l-Muqaddas Burhanuddin Aqa Ridwaanu l-lahi ‘alayhi na janaaza mubaraka na namaaz ni tawalli mein karu, dafan ni tawalli mein karu, khatmul Qur’an na majlis ni tawalli mein karu, aney ummeed raakhu chhu aap aa waat qabool raakhine maney khidmat nu sharaf haasil karwa ma rukaawat nahi karo, balkey maney phone karine ya koi zari’at si khabar karo kea a sagli tawalli mein karu

Al-sinwu l-ajall aapne sagli zikaro kidhi chhe, aney ummeed karu chhu kea a haqq ni waato aap khayaal ma leso.

Mamluku aali Muhammadin al-Tahereen al-Tayyebeen Khuzaima Qutbuddin

Najli d-Dai l-hayy al-muqaddasi fi a’laa ‘illiyyin Sayyidna Taher Saifuddin Ridwanullahi ‘alayhi

Al-lazi sharrafahu Maulaho bi-khidmat Imami l-Muttaqeen